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Sep 11, 2011 8:00am EDT
't you glad you brought him all the way from michigan? you bet i am! [laughter] you have faith. of course! he's gonna go home hearing! you've been attending this ministry many years. more than 30. more than 30 years. that's great. he also has a hard time focusing. okay. well, he couldn't hear good enough. now it'll be different. lord, lord, let him focus right, make good grades when he starts to school. come back to see me. what do you say? come back to see me. okay? say hello! hello. say it right in there: hello! [whispering] hello. say hello! [laughter] hello! can you say hello? hello. hello! yeah! say thank you. thank you. you're hearing. grandma's speaking from your blind side, which was blind, not blind any longer. not deaf any longer. we'd put him on the other side of the car so he can hear us. now he's hearing out of this side. you come back to see me, hear? we're buddies! we're buddies! he agrees! wave at those people out there. wave at them. [sound of rattle] [applause] children have faith. rev. angley, i was here in 2008, and god healed me-- i was slain in the spirit-- of chroni
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1